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Water Use Restrictions

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the SCRD has declared Stage 2 outdoor water use restrictions for all regional water customers. All those on the Pender Harbour systems remain at Stage 1 until further notice.

CLICK HERE to find out what restrictions are in place for each of the stages.

The restrictions are part of the region's efforts to conserve water during drought-prone summer months as guided by the region's Drought Management Plan. Stages may be called at different times in different communities.

These frequently asked questions and answers pertain to Outdoor Water Use Restrictions.

To find out where your water comes from, search for your address in our outdoor water use restrictions application:


Every week, we update the community on water use and how close we are to meeting our target. The target helps us set a goal to prolong the available water supply.


Do you have an irrigation system? Please update your controls to the new times for your address. Rain sensors are required on all systems to prevent watering in the rain.

The time for establishing new lawns is spring. Permits for extra watering of a new lawn are sold during Stage 1 (Normal) outdoor water use restrictions. Permits are available for one-time only, for 21 days, at the Field Road office of the SCRD for $50. Permits allow for sprinkling seven days a week during normal sprinkling times.

EXEMPTIONS: Micro and drip irrigation systems are water conserving technologies that are exempt from Water Use Restrictions until Stage 4. Micro and drip irrigation systems are those which consume less than 20 gallons per hour and operate at 25 psi or less.

If you have a concern about water conservation or sprinkling, please call 604-885-6806 or use our online Feedback Form.

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