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Disposal fees are charged for accepted materials brought to the Sechelt Landfill or Pender Harbour Transfer Station. Fees vary from one material to another and cover the cost of operations, reuse and recycling programs. Fees can be paid by debit or credit (Visa or MasterCard).

Please note: On Sundays, there is no wood salvage allowed, due to safety concerns and traffic congestion. Please come on another day.


Municipal Solid Waste
Household Garbage - excludes Recyclable Materials and Controlled Waste
$150 per tonne
Yard and Garden Waste

SCRD drop off locations:

Pender Harbour - Transfer Station
Sechelt - Salish Soils
Gibsons - Green Waste Facility*
(*NO commercial loads)

Residential self haul loads
less than 5 tonnes = NO CHARGE
more than 5 tonnes = $45 per tonne

Commercial loads
$86 per tonne


Dry (or only surface damp)
$10 per piece (mattress or boxspring)

$15 per piece (mattress or boxspring)

5 or more
$35 per piece (mattress or boxspring)

Crib Mattress
$5 per crib mattress

Scrap metal & white goods (Household appliances) without freon
$70 per tonne
Propane tanks

$0.50 up to 1 lb (camp size)
$2 up to 25 lbs (BBQ size)
$5.50 for 26 lbs to 100 lbs
$70 per tonne for over 100 lbs

Appliances with Freon (fridges, etc.)
(Commercial appliances and built-in home cooling systems not accepted)

the greater of
$40 per unit OR $115 per tonne
Passenger $3 rim removed
$8 rim on OR
$215 per tonne
Medium Truck $18 rim removed
$36 rim on OR
$315 per tonne
OTR (Oversized, Off the Road) $240 rim removed
$480 rim on OR
$665 per tonne
Dock Tires with styrofoam $430 per tonne

Paint & Product Care Items
(Sechelt Landfill only)
List of accepted paint products
List of accepted flammable liquids & pesticides

Household Batteries & Cell Phones NO CHARGE
Dirt & Rocks $105 per tonne
Roofing $190 per tonne
Clean Wood, Construction & Demolition $170 per tonne Effective November 13, 2019 the categories of Clean and Treated wood waste will be changing to reflect new processing of wood waste.
Treated Wood Waste
(wood with a coating of any kind, including pressure treated)
Exception: No Creosoted wood
$265 per tonne

All wood waste that was destined for the Sechelt Landfill will need to be brought to Salish Soils. Click here for details on the updates to wood waste categories.

Pender Harbour Transfer Station will continue accepting wood waste and will change to the updated categories on November 13, 2019.

Gypsum * details

$265 per tonne
Asphalt, Concrete $275 per tonne
Asbestos, Asbestos Cement
(materials that test positive for asbestos) *details
$275 per tonne
Deceased Animals $275 per tonne
Dock Styrofoam Please call 604-885-6806
NON-SEPARATED WASTE DOUBLE the regular tipping fee of the most expensive material in the load PLUS an additional $100/hr. for handling and separation by site staff


All charges referred to are subject to a $5 minimum charge; $10 minimum for non-separated loads. All charges will be rounded up or down to the nearest quarter of a dollar.

All loads of municipal solid waste (except residential curbside pickup) containing non-separated controlled waste or recyclable materials will be assessed a tipping fee which is two times the regular fee of the most expensive material in the load. This fee will be charged for the entire load. Plus, an additional $100/hr for handling and separation by site staff.

The weight of materials delivered to the landfill or transfer station site, on which fees are based, will be determined by:

  • Measuring the weight on the scale provided at the landfill or transfer station site; or
  • In the event that the scale provided is not operational, weight will be estimated by the scale attendant.