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This Halloween. . .

The waste generated from Halloween can be frightful!

5 tips to Scare away Halloweeen waste

1. Swap, rent or shop for used costumes.
Check out the Halfmoon Bay Costume Shop or the Driftwood Players Costume Shoppe for costume rental options right here on the coast. Or find used costumes on one of the Sunshine Coast’s online buy and sell forums or thrift shops

2. Find or share used Halloween decorations.
The SCRD Reuse Directory has a list of where to buy or swap used items.

3. Go DIY with used, recyclable or natural materials.
Make costumes and decorations out of material found in your home or at a thrift shop like old cloth, cardboard boxes, yarn and construction paper. Egg cartons work well for spiders, branches and twigs make great broomsticks.

4. Eat or compost your pumpkin!
The smaller sugar pumpkins are best for eating if left uncarved and pumpkin seeds make a delicious treat.

5. Offer trick-or-treaters candy in fully recyclable packaging.
Hand out treats that come in cardboard boxes or foil-only wrapping; make ‘treat bags’ using paper bags and fill with popcorn or bulk candy; oranges or other whole fruit; crayons.

Halloween Recycling
Residents can drop-off pumpkins at Salish Soils in Sechelt for composting. If composting pumpkins in your backyard, check out the SCRD Guide to Backyard composting for tips and troubleshooting, visit

Find out what can be recycled at depots here. Top tip: Most candy wrappers are part of Other Flexible Plastic Packaging!

More food waste tips can be found here.